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According to Wikipedia:

A usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant to power, often but not always in a monarchy. In other words, a person who takes power of a country, city, or established region for themselves without any formal or legal right to claim it as their own. Usurpers are both those who overtake a region by often unexpected physical force, as well as individuals or organizations who overtake a region through political influence and subterfuge—though the word "usurper" denotes a single person; either an individual who acted alone, or the leader of a group which supported their controversial claim. This may include a person who succeeds in establishing themselves as a monarch without inheriting the throne or any other person exercising authority to validate the claim.

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Living Novel Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to helping authors everywhere complete the mental, emotional, and technical hurdles to put your creativity into the world.  Whether you are ready to write the world's next best selling novel, narration for a script, or the next triple-AAA video game: Living Novel Enterprises is here to support and guide you through the hard work it takes to publish your stories and dreams.

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